Hello friends we are going to talk about how to become a doctor in a simple way,  How to complete MBBS. What is the process to complete MBBS. 
How to become a doctor?
Apart from MBBS, there are lots of other doctor's courses are there?  So friends regulate the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery that is MBBS, MCI and along with BDS course can also do light Bachelor of Dental Surgery you can do this all from Government College Private College or from anywhere but if you want to do this course in India, now the Exam and ability of the NEET has been mastered, after 2019. 

Let, the list of medical colleges in India

There are 34 medical college in Karnataka. Andhra Pradesh 28 medical college and Maharashtra have 25 medical colleges. In Tamil Nadu 24 medical college. As you see and observe that the most nurse from Karnataka and Tamil. 

Becoming a doctor is an achievement in itself, good will is created. It is a very big thing.

How to become doctor. 

If you want to become very great doctor and MBBS doctor then you have to gain 50% marks in 12th class to give the examinations of the neet. And a very important thing is you will not be from open schooling or any private school, private school. In that subjects you have to passed with good numbers. It is very important to pass in Physics, Chemistry, Bio with 50 % marks.  And those students are handicap their marks are required 45% and the cast sc-st marks are required 40%.And age limit to this course is 17 to 25, The people  can be appealed whether it is Indian National, NRI, non-resident Indians or Overseas Citizen of India who is a person with Indian origin by BI. And you can also give the NEET exam in their regional language like Hindi, English, Assam, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu..

Now we talk on pattern of NEET Exam.

 The mood of Examination is offline. The time of paper is 3 Hours. In question paper you got a multiple choice question, In Physics section  45 questions, In chemistry section you also got 45 questions and in bio section you got 90 questions the total number of questions is 180. And total marks of NEET Exam is 720. If you want to got government college then you have to score 520 marks out of 720.

How to score good marks in neet. 

You have to study only ncert books and solve more  previous sample papers. You have to spend five to 6 hours a day to get good marks in NEET exam.And you only have to do self study because you also know self study is the best study in the world.

 What will happen after qualifying the NEET exam?

The first degree that you will get is Bachelor of Medicine and the second Bachelor of Surgery which you call it MBBS, I will tell you, the total course is 5 years old. And 4 year is academic.1st Year Mandatory is your Intership.

I hope  You have benefited a lot from this article.With the help of this article, you will have fully understood how to become a good doctor.  If you like this article, then you can share it with your friends.If we have made any mistake in this article, please forgive a child of the society.

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