You read my article then you are must blogger. All blogger have one problem about how to write an article. In this article, we learn how to write articles. All person has a different way to write an article. But in this article, we learn that what is the right process to write articles. All person write an article but someone writes attractive articles. So if you want to write attractive Article then read my article from starting to end. In this article, I share the style of writing.

How to write quality articles for blog
How to write quality articles for blog

How to done Article Writing.

When you sit to write an article on any topic, you have to take care of many things that improve your writing skills, so keep these important things in mind for article writing.

How many words you have to use in an article.

In your article, you have to use the maximum 500 - 1000 words. Because Google says that if your article is less than 500 words then your article cannot rank in Google. So you have to write long articles.

And you have researched better on your topic.

It is very necessary that you have a good knowledge of every topic, so before writing on any topic you need to study it deeply. Then you are able to write a quality article.

So before writing an article, you have to do research with the help of Google and also see how others wrote about that topic and how you can write them better.

Cover all question that asked by readers.

Suppose that you are writing an article on "what is the computer" then the question arises in this article is:-
How a computer works.
How many types of computer.
Who made the computer.
Which programming language consists of a computer.
Then you have to cover all question in your article.

Write short paragraphs.

As I told you in the beginning, when you sit to write an article, then you have to not write long paragraphs. You have to write short paragraphs.

Write deeply on any topic.

If you are writing on any topic. Then you have to write deeply. You have to not leave any information related to your topic.

Use bold functions

To make your article attractive you have to use bold features. You have to bold important words in your article. It makes beautiful and attractive.

Use funny quotes in your article

If you write a long article its boring to read for this you have to use funny quotes in your article. In 1000 words you have to use only one funny quote. If you insert more funny quotes it does not look better.

Use colour in your article.

You have to use a different colour in your article to highlight the words. You have to highlight only important words just like Facebook, youtube etc.

Write and read

In the end, you have to read your written article again and again until you are satisfied that you have written a good article and you have to analyze your article.

Also, check that there is no spelling mistake and you have to read the sentence and check the error. Then you can write articles like this then you can become a better article writer by using the method.


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