How to download WhatsApp status in 5 second.
How to download WhatsApp status

Hello friends in this article we learn that how to download WhatsApp status in 5 second. WhatsApp made the 'status' feature in February 2018 in this feature you can upload your status mean pictures and video that's happened in your day the main motive of this feature is share the funny incident that happened in Day. If you upload the status in WhatsApp its can disappear in 24 Hours.

Why you need to download WhatsApp status.

Supposed that if you are watching status in status feature. If the status of any person is to much funny you want to download status but you can don't get the function of the download status in watsapp. You love that status.  You want see it again and again in life. But it disappear in 24 hours.

What are the requirement to download WhatsApp status

To download the WhatsApp status you need a one app you can download this app from Play Store and also I give the link of that app in this article you can easily downloaded and second thing you need a internet connection bye internet you can download that's are the requirement to download the WhatsApp status ok let's start it how to download WhatsApp status

Link of that app:-

How to download WhatsApp status

1. First of all you have to download this app from the Play Store and you can also download it from any Browser.

2. Then you have to open this App then you can get the feature of a download in this app you have to click on it.

3. Then you got the all status video in app which status you want to download it then you have to select it and click on download then the your status is download.

4. You can get your downloaded video in file manager in file manager the one folder is created WhatsApp status in this folder you can give the all downloaded status.


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