Make Money Online Without Investment in English (Make Money Online Without Spending Money). In today's everyone have a Smartphone and everyone is using the Internet. But do you know that we can earn money through internet also? If you read this post carefully then you can make money easily from online. There are many ways to earn money online. Some actually give money and some don't. Here we will know about the top 6 Ways from Online Make Money Without Investment in English, today we will know some ways with which we can earn money from the internet.
Make Money Online Without Investment

1.Online writing job!

Do you want to earn money at home? If you are student, then this is the best option for you to earn money from home,lot of websites are searching for a good content writer if you can do this then this is best option for you to make money online. If your hobby for contant writing then you can choose this.

You have selected this, to make money at home by working on this topic, the one question that where I have to write articles you have to write articles in website, In last I will give you a lot of website names that find good content writer. Then you visit to any site then you have to select topic in which topics you can write well.  I like tech then I select tech topic. Have you chosen a topic then in your mind the question is that. In how many words I have to write an article? In the website its mentioned that how much words you have to write a single article. If you write one good article then you get 1 dollars price for this article. 

The name of website that find content writer. Some popular sites where you can got freelance writing jobs and opportunities include:

  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Textbroker
  • Online Writing Jobs
  • WritersDomain
  • iWriter
  • Break Studios
  • LoveToKnow
  • Demand Media Studios

2.Make a blog

If you know very well content writing then this is also best option for you to make money online in this you have to invest only 500 rupees for purchase domain in your mind the question is that what is blog? the blog is a frame of the website in which you can get lot of the article for public the blog is a product of the Google. Simpily you have to write article.  you think that by article writing how I can earn money you can earn money by the adsense AdSense provide the ads by advertisement you can earn money you think that how much I can earn money by the blog you can earn 4 lakh monthly. It is best option for make money online for Students.

3.Create A YouTube Channel

If you are a student then it is also best option to make money at home in YouTube you have to create a channel with Gmail if you are a student then you can create the teaching channel in this channel you can teach the students but in YouTube you have to invest lots of the money for purchase camera mic whiteboard marker and it also consuming lot of the time for editing cricket thumbnail adds tags I not prefer for student this idea because it lots of your time.   if you are not a student then this is best option for you because in YouTube there is lot of money you can earn monthly 20 lakh money. 

4.Earn money by website designing

If you know very well designing then this is best option for you to make money at home in this you have to only design website you have to design the whole website. If you don't know what is website designing then and you can also search on Google and YouTube what is website designing and you can also do the courses of the website designing that are available on YouTube. By the website designing you can earn monthly 50,000 money. 

5.Make money by the affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the one of the best option for the students to make money at home. If you don't know what is the affiliate marketing then you can read my article to know affiliate marketing. 
Affiliate marketing:- in affiliate marketing you have to sale the product of the Amazon, Flipkart and all shopping site if you sell the product of that sites then you can get money. By affiliate marketing you can earn monthly 1 lakh rupee. 

6.Make Online Courses

If you know very well on any topic then you make the course just I know very well how to create an YouTube channel then you have to make course on it then you have to place it on a Google then you have to fix the price of that course just I give the price of the course 1000 suppose that if 50 person can buy in one month then you can earn 50,000 monthly then think that how much money are are in this topic

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