Welcome to this article in this article we learn that How to do plantation of mahogany. And I also covers this topic, how much money you can earn from mahogany, How to do plantation of mahogany.

Full Information About Mahogany Plant.

How to do plantation of mahogany.
How to do plantation of mahogany.

The botanical name of mahogany is Swietenia macrophylla but it commonly known as Mahogany. The family of mahogany is Meliaceae. The Mahogany mostly found in South America and Mexico. In Philippines, Singapore, Hawaii and India it found naturally. The size of the mahogany tree is 40 feet to 150 feet. The mahogany tree should not grow where too much wind because the root of mahogany is to week.

Types Mahogany

  • Cuban Mahogany (original) 
  • Honduran Mahogany 
  •  Mexicans Mahogany 
  • African Mahogany 
  • New Zealand Mahogany

From where we can purchase Mahogany Plant

If you are interested to purchase Mahogany Plant . Then i provide the way by which you can purchase it :-
                                The Price Of One Mahogany Plant :- Rs 80

(i) https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/mahogany-plant-15603863791.html by this link you can also purchase Mahogany Plant. Then you have to entered your mobile no in that page then seller contact you.

(ii) You can also purchase Mahogany Plant from Amazon , Flipkart.

The uses of mahogany tree.

How to do plantation of mahogany.

Mahogany tree is used in making of ship, in making durable furniture, in making the structure of music machine, in weapons, in the making of sculptures, in the construction of a sculpture. We make medicines from the fruit of mahogany and it can be used in making sope. Where mahogany tree found, there is no mosquitoes. The mahogany leaves are used to making in mosquito coil and its leaves are used for composting.

What is the rule to do plantation of mahogany.

How to do plantation of mahogany
How to do plantation of mahogany

(i)  We can plant the mahogany plant in any soil.
(ii)  You have to keep a distance of 4 feet from one tree to another tree.
(iii)  You have to open a pit about 25 cm to plant a mahogany tree.
(iv)  You have to water the Mahogany plant in morning and evening.
(v)  You have to Watering Mahogany plant for one Year.
(vi)  After one year you can water the plant in gap of one month.
(vii)  You have to done planting in rainy season.
(viii) In June and July you have apply Compost.
(ix)  Do not let the grass around.

What is the cost of  One Mahogany plant.

Mahogany tree is very expensive. The price of mahogany tree depends on its length and fatness. The price of such mahogany tree is Rs 50,000.

Conclusion:- By the Mahogany  Plantation You can make your gold future. In Mahogany Plantation you Can earn More Money. In starting you have to focus on Mahogany Plantation and you have more passion in  Mahogany  Plantation after that you can make more Money.


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