Amla tree is very essential in our life. In ved says that amla is a rasayan (increasing age) . The Scientific name of amla tree is phyllanthus emblica. Amla is a Hindi Word. Gooseberry we says in English, Amal we can say in Sanskrit. We can benefit greatly from Amla tree. The benefits that we got from amla tree is, we can sell or eat the fruits of amla tree the fruits of amla tree are used in Medicine and the price of amla fruits is so high. You can earn a lot of money by cultivating Amla tree and I also cover the topic How to cultivate amla tree? How to fertilize it? How to add water to it? Most important, how to earn more money by growing more amla tree? What we got benefits of amla fruits.


Amla Tree

We can grow Amla tree in any soil but the best soil for amla tree is loamy soil. For growing amla tree you have to follow the instruction that I am given in this article.

How to do plantation of amla tree.

Amla tree are grown in tropical rainforest. Don’t take tension brother I mean to say that amla tree is more cultivated in tropical rainforest. But we can also grow amla tree in any place. The fruits of amla tree are grown in October and November. If you apply all the instruction that I give in this article then I promised you can grow more amla fruits as compare to before. 

The instruction are:-


(i)               You can make seeds of amla tree at home. The process of making seed at home are first of all you have to bring the amla fruits from market. Then you have to put under the sunlight for 3 and 4 Days. After that the fruit of amla will be dry up. After that you have to cut the dried gooseberry fruit then you got seeds. If you use homemade seeds, then you will not get to see much amla fruits after the cultivation. Let us tell you because you will have knowledge about how we make amla tree seeds at home. So if you want to avoid this problem, then you have to bring the amla tree seeds from any seeds store.

(ii)             After bringing amla tree seeds then you have to dig the ground in this way and put little water on it. Then next day you have to put our amla tree seeds in digger soil. After putting amla tree seed you have to not water on it. After some days you watching the new plant are come from soil.

(iii)          When your amla tree grow about 30 cm then you have to start apply water.  Don’t water more on amla tree. The steps that you have to follow when you water your amla tree.

(1)    You have to make cannel.

(2)    And you have not apply more water on amla tree mean you have not accumulate water.

(3)    You have to water your amla tree in a week for three yrs.

(4)    After 3 years you amla tree grow best then you can left watering on it.


(iv)               You have to apply the compost one time in three month.

(v)             In your fruit the red dots are coming it mean your fruit are suffer by fungal infection. To protect us from fungal infection you have to apply fungal inside spray on amla tree after rainy season.

The benefits that you got from amla tree.

(i)                  If you drink amla juice regular the face glow.

(ii)                The fruits of amla tree helps us to improve our immunity system.

(iii)               In fruits of amla tree the vitamin c are present that protect us from cough.

(iv)               If you drink the juice of amla fruits regular then your gas problem solve in a week.

(v)                If your face are suffer from white spot to sole this problem you have to drink amla juice regular. In your face white spots are happen due to gas.

(vi)               If you drink the amla juice regular with mix of honey then it help to pure your blood.

(vii)             If you are suffer from cholesterol then you have must drink amla juice regular it remove the old cholesterol and it makes new cholesterol.

(viii)           If your hair is not long and you have only very short hair and your hair breaks very much then you have to take daily Amla juice. Amla juice prevents your hair from becoming white.

(ix)               Amla juice is very beneficial for your eyes, if you take amla juice daily then your eyesight will increase.

(x)                 You will be eating a lot of spicy dishes outside and at home, then usually you must have gas in the morning or anytime, so if you want to avoid gas, then you have to eat Amla Juice daily because Amla Juice reduce Antioxidant and Toxoid level.

(xi)               You will be eating a lot of spicy dishes outside and at home, then usually you must have gas in the morning or anytime, so if you want to avoid gas, then you have to eat Amla Juice daily because Amla Juice Antioxidant and Top Reduces speed level.

(xii)             If you or your family or your neighbors are obese, then you can advise them to take Amla juice daily because it makes metabolic juice very fast, it reduces your stomach fat.

(xiii)            If you consume Amla juice daily, you will never have cancer.


If you cultivate Indian gooseberry then you will get a lot of profit like you can use Amla Fruits in your life to defeat many diseases and you can sell Amla fruits which are very valuable. If you cultivate amla, if you follow my instruction completely, you can cultivate amla very well, you can growe a lot of fruits and you can earn a lot of money by selling it. If you have liked an article, then you can share it with your friends and tell them how we can cultivate amla, if you like this article, make a comment in which you will tell your opinion that you How did you like this article? Thank we meet in the next article.

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